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About Us...

We are a group of professionals, with over four decades of experience in educational publishing. Our experience extends from design to illustration, page production to prepress and even to the printing press and print management.

The software we use is mostly Adobe's Creative Cloud, and are macOS-based. All work is archived to BD-R, along with daily backups. What we use: Dropbox for passing of files throughout the production process; Suitcase Fusion — font management; InDesign — page layout and book building (w/ Movemen's MathTools Plug-in for all math); Illustrator — graphics; Photoshop — images; Acrobat — proofing & print files (w/ PitStop Pro by Enfocus).

Our team consists of talented artists and illustrators. Consciencious proofreaders, who look for things that don't belong or look odd. Production 'gurus' that have used InDesign since version 1. Photoshop wizards are also photographers. Lastly, our prepress expert has over 30 years of experience in preparing files for press.

What do we want? To make a difference where we are and with what we do. Which comes from... assisting our clients achieve their design & print goals.

The company name, esatto, is the Italian word for precise. Our work is performed to an exacting standard, hence the name.

We do not own, have a license to, nor relicense any work displayed on this site.
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